Marvellous, Mystical Thailand Beckons International Visitors With The Opportunity To See Grand Palaces, Ride An Elephant And Experience The Warmth And Joy Of The Thai People.

Yet travelling during this time can provide a different picture of Thailand, and is generally a less crowded time of year. Ayutthaya rose to prominence as the new capital in the 14th century, and was considered a powerhouse of South-East Asia as one of the most important centres of trade in the world. Surround yourself with stunning scenery, fascinating history, mouthwatering food, beaches, mountains, cities, villages, and – most importantly – the amazing people who will help you appreciate it. What we can offer: An extensive list of tour programs and hotels all over Thailand; An experienced team to assist and accommodate your travel needs the best we can; A one-stop-service for easy travel arrangements. The famous Floating Market is where goods are bartered and sold from long tail boats. If you ever wondered what was below Thailand's turquoise waters, this is the place to look. Despite this there are pockets of quiet beauty to be found with parks, temples and traditional shop fronts scattered throughout the city. The current city intertwines itself with the remnants of what was once one of Asia's great capitals.

Titled An Atlas of Mirrors, the fifth edition of the Singapore Biennale features works by 63 artists and art collectives from 19 countries and territories across Southeast Asia, East and South Asia. View photos Subodh Gupta, Cooking the World, 2016, Collection of the Artist More Han Sai Por, Black Forest 2016, 2016, Collection of the Artist, Singapore Biennale 2016 commission More Deng Guoyuan, Noahs Garden II, 2016, Collection of the Artist, Singapore Biennale 2016 commission More Titarubi, History Repeats Itself, 2016, Collection of the Artist, Singapore Biennale 2016 commission More Read More From monumental sculptures to film and performance art, artworks of various media are curated around nine sub-themes and presented at seven locations, with the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and SAM at 8Q as anchor venues. The four-month-long international contemporary art exhibition is organised by SAM and commissioned by the National Arts Council of Singapore. Over 80 percent of the Singapore Biennale artworks are new commissions or adaptations of works. Featuring several site-specific and works never seen beforeon the biennale circuit, the Biennale artworks respond to the title of An Atlas of Mirrors, and explore notions of space, time, memory, nature, boundaries, agency, identity, displacement and absence. "An Atlas of Mirrors references the atlases and mirrors that have been instrumental in humankind's exploration of the world as we navigate and map our journeys into the unknown. It is hoped that the evocative title, which guided its curatorial direction, would intrigue and inspire audiences to explore and experience the many ways of seeing our world and ourselves," says Dr Susie Lingham, Creative Director, Singapore Biennale 2016. Various programmes will be taking place over the course of the exhibition, including artist and curator talks and tours, artist workshops, community days and a symposium in January 2017. Singapore Biennale 2016 also marks the inaugural Asian edition of the Benesse Prize, organised by Benesse Holdings, Inc (Benesse) and SAM. Awarded at the Venice Biennale for the last 10 editions, the winner of the 11th Benesse Prize will receive a commission to create a work to be exhibited at Benesse Art Site Naoshima and a cash prize of JPY 3,000,000 from Benesse.

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On many Intrepid trips you'll be given the opportunity to dine with a local family - this offers a great chance to see how meals are prepared and learn more about the ingredients. Kayakers and rock-climbers will love exploring them, while others can travel to the nearby floating villages or just relax on one of the region's perfect beaches. Nicknamed the 'Dawn of Happiness', Sukhothai still recalls Siam's golden age with its superb statues, marvellous monuments and lotus flowers in full bloom. marvellous, mystical Thailand beckons international visitors with the opportunity to see grand palaces, ride an elephant and experience the warmth and joy of the Thai people. The famous Floating Market is where goods are bartered and sold from long tail boats. Thailand's north, east and west are great to visit from November to February, when the weather is cooler and dryer. March to June is less wet but is the hottest time in terms of temperatures. In 1932, the Siamese Revolution resulted in a constitutional monarchy being formed, and in 1941, Thailand invaded French Indochina, overpowered the French and claimed Laos.